Thursday, January 21, 2016

When you do good and get a pleasant Surprise in the end!!

It's very rare that you do good and witness another good being done related to your act of goodness! It's like instant multiplication of "Acts of Giving"! And what could be more merrier than this! Here is a great story coming our way where a person does an instant act of goodness, and gets a surprise in the end.
When Akhilesh Kumar decided to feed two hungry kids, little did he imagine that at the end he would be treated with another moving gesture.  
Akhilesh Kumar
After an all day long meeting, he entered Hotel Sabrina run by C Narayanan, in Malappuram in Kerala for dinner, and placed his order. As his order arrived, he noticed a pair of small eyes, outside the window, wishfully looking at the food served at various tables. 

He gestured the little boy to come in, and the boy came in with his little sister. He asked them what they'd like to have and the boy pointed at the plate on his table. He ordered another plate.
When the food was served, the little boy couldn't contain his excitement. Just before he started, his sister held his hand, stopping him. He understood she wants them both to wash their hands before starting.

Image for Representational purpose only
The kids quietly finished the food ordered for them. Neither did they speak to each other, or smile. When done, they rose, looked at Akhilesh, washed their hands and left. Akhilesh hadn't touched his food yet.  
He finished his meal and called for the bill. When he got back to the table after washing his hands, he saw the bill and it moved him to tears he had been holding back all this while. 

The bill had no amount, but a message for him.
It read, "We don't have a machine that can bill humanity. May good happen to you."

Hats off to Akhilesh and to the restaurant staff for this great gesture of humanity.

Story Source:- India Today Article

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Coming up!!

Hello all, Writing this post early morning, just to convey that things are in making and soon you will see posts coming up. This is the first entry on the actsofgiving blog, so it would be very fitting to start with highlighting the basic aims of creating this blog/website and of starting this initiative.

So here are the 4 major purposes of starting this initiative:- 
  1. Publishing positive stories of "Acts of Giving".
  2. Inspiring people and making them realize the power of "Acts of Giving"
  3. Spreading knowledge on how people can indulge in "Acts of Giving"
  4. Forming small-small teams across the Nation, which indulges in "Acts of Giving" time to time.
That's all for now. Stay tuned for further posts coming up...